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Have you always wanted to be a syndicate member? Now you can! Samurai Syndicate is a monthly subscription club that offers special things to its members. What are these? Scroll down to find out!

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990 Ft
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990 Ft / RENEWAL

The Syndicate is a subscriber club of Samurai Shoelace. Subscribers can buy all coffee capsules with a 20% discount for the entire duration of their subscription, and depending on the length of their subscription, they can receive other occasional discounts and occasional gifts.

All Syndicate members automatically receive a 20% discount on the price of all coffee capsules. The discount is calculated on the shopping cart page.

Syndicate membership is a monthly subscription service. Your subscription is automatically renewed every 30 days (we will deduct the monthly fee from your specified bank card), but it can be canceled at any time (even between two payments). More details fromIn the Syndicate Subscription Policyyou will find. It is important that when you subscribe to the Syndicate, your discount will not be used with that purchase, so first buy your first Syndicate membership (subscribe to it) as a product, then log in again after successful payment! At that time, the products will be added to your basket at the discounted price.

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