Valid: from 18.10.2023

1. The Samurai Syndicate (hereinafter the Syndicate) is a monthly subscription service related to the website (the website is operated by Samurai Shoelace Kft (1046 Budapest, Kiss Ernő u. 3/A, tax number: 32144965-2-41). The service it can be used by any individual or Hungarian legal entity over the age of 18 who subscribes to the Syndicate (hereinafter: Subscriber), unless they have a relationship with Samurai Shoelace Kft. that provides other contractual or discounted purchase schemes.

2. Syndikatus is a service that can be used with a monthly fee and a renewable payment. In exchange for the payment of the monthly fee, the Subscriber becomes a member of the closed club providing discounts. Registration and payment of the first monthly fee is done on the website, by purchasing the Syndicate product. By making a purchase, the subscriber accepts these regulations.

3. Syndicate membership becomes valid after payment of the first monthly fee, so any discounts that may be given do not apply to products purchased together with it. In order to take advantage of the discounts, purchases at different times are required, i.e. the Subscriber registers with the Syndicate, and after successful registration (payment of the first monthly fee) can make purchases under the discount conditions for the first time in a new purchase transaction. If the Subscriber purchased products at full price together with the registration transaction, he is not entitled to a refund of the difference between the full price and the discounted price.

4. Starting from the second month, the Syndicate's monthly subscription fee will be automatically charged to the Subscriber's bank card provided during the first registration and payment of the first monthly fee. The first monthly fee of the Syndicate, as well as the fee for the following months, can only be paid by bank card, no other payment method is possible. With the registration purchase, the subscriber consents to Samurai Shoelace Kft. charging the Syndicate monthly fee to the specified bank card as part of an automatic payment transaction every 30 days.

5. The subscriber can cancel the renewable monthly subscription at any time, in which case his Syndicate membership is valid for 30 days after the last successful payment, after which it is terminated. It is not possible to refund the fractional monthly fee between the cancellation and the expiration of the validity period. Membership can be canceled by entering the website on the subscriber interface.

6. Membership is automatically terminated if the deduction of the current monthly fee was unsuccessful despite multiple attempts for any reason. The automatic payment debit attempts to balance the monthly fee for 7 consecutive days.

7. A subscriber may restart a previously canceled subscription at any time, however, in this case, the discounts related to the subscriber period are not included, the duration of any previous subscription periods are not added, in the case of bonus calculation, the starting date of the currently valid and active subscription is always valid.

6. The discounts associated with the Syndicate can always be viewed on the Syndicate product page. If these benefits are changed during the subscription period, the Subscriber has the right to cancel his subscription by entering the subscriber portal, but he is not entitled to a retroactive refund of any fees.

8. The price of the Syndicate subscription, as well as the related discounts, is indicated on the Syndicate's product page. During the course of the subscription, the subscriber pays the price paid at the time of registration every month, regardless of whether the price of the Syndicate membership has changed in the meantime, or it was possible to subscribe at a different price during a periodical promotion. There is no way to reimburse the difference between the prices at the time of registration and the prices valid at that moment.

9. If the Subscriber cancels his subscription, re-subscription is only possible at the current price (shown on the Syndicate product page).

10. The ASZF and Privacy Policy of the website apply to Subscribers in the same way as to non-subscribed visitors of the website.

11. The monthly Syndicate fees cannot be refunded in any case.