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The capsule coffee machine must also be cleaned!

If you don't feel the usual flavors (in fact, the coffee is downright not delicious), if it flows hard, if the drink is cloudy or mushy, this all means that you won't be able to enjoy a good cup of coffee. The good news is that by the time we're done with it, the coffee will taste much better!

Two things can typically cause the coffee machine to get dirty:

on the one hand, limescale (that's why we always recommend that if possible, DO NOT use tap water! A simple filter jug ​​can cause huge changes in taste, not only in coffee, but also in tea, soups, etc.),

on the other hand, things that dissolve from the capsule and coffee. (Coffee oil tends to stick and turn rancid over time - this will make your drink bitter - and inevitably there will always be a little residue in the machine that can stick to it.)

Fortunately, both problems can be solved in the same way:

You have to wash the coffee maker after every coffee and at least once a month (or when the coffee gets noticeably worse) with a cleaning agent.

It is very important to send a little water through the machine "empty", i.e. without capsules, before and after making coffee. Immediately after the coffee, the beginning of the leaking water will be cloudy and muddy, if it is not cleaned, it would all go into the next coffee (and obviously it would not be good for the taste of the coffee...). Before preparation, it is worth letting a little water pass through in the same way, so that the system warms up and any impurities that may still be in it come out.

At the same time, it is worth decalcifying your water at least once a month (or weekly if you drink a lot of coffee). Each manufacturer has its own recommended and considered good cleaning liquid/tablet solution that helps with the problem. However, if you don't have one at hand (or you just don't want to spend the price of the machine again in the long term), the simplest crystalline citric acid available in a pharmacy or in the general store (sold as a powder in a 50g bag) will do as well (after all, when dissolved in hot water, it dissolves greasy stuck-on dirt perfectly, and water stone as well). Simply sprinkle two level teaspoons of citric acid into the machine's reservoir, fill the reservoir with water, then wash the machine with it until the reservoir is empty. If it is completely empty, wash the water tank, then wash the machine again with a full water tank (now without citric acid) (press the button until the water tank is empty).

At the end of the process, reward yourself with a coffee that will certainly be much, much tastier than before the cleaning... If you do this every month, not only will your coffee always be delicious, but you will also protect the machine so that it will work for you for a long time !

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