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Treat Selection: Worka

Samurai Shoelace

Worka is also special to us because it is our first coffee (in addition to the limited series Treat Selection) that comes from the original Arabica coffee growing area, Ethiopia .

In Ethiopia, coffee is grown on very small farms . The smallest "farm" is two bushes (literally at the end of the garden), but the average farm size nationwide is under 1 hectare . Therefore, the farmers (unlike the "big guys") cannot process the coffee themselves, but take the picked coffee beans fresh to the so-called "washing stations". This is where coffees are selected, categorized and then processed.

Farmers are free to choose where to sell their produce, but due to transportation, they usually choose the nearest one, so each station serves hundreds of small farmers in the surrounding area . Deciphering the name: Within the Yirgachefe region, a community in the Worka district is Chelchilie, where the washing station operates.

We bought the coffee directly from the washing station representative, so the amount paid actually went to where the coffee comes from.

Place of origin: Ethiopia
Region: Yirgachefe, Worka

Washing station: Chelchilie
Height: 1956-1970m

Variety: Heirloom (mixed)
Processing: Carbonic maceration

The box contains 10 Nespresso* compatible coffee capsules (400 HUF/piece).

Made from the highest quality Arabica coffee (Specialty)

From a single production area (Single Origin)

From organic, identifiable, chemical-free farms

It is not mixed with other coffees

Free of added aromas

Free of added substances

It is made in a small factory in Budapest

Production technique without loss of quality and taste

100% recyclable, in aluminum capsules

Flavor and aroma notes

One of the sweetest coffees, with bergamot jasmine and black tea aromas typical of Ethiopian coffees

Specially sweet, fragrant coffee, just like in a cafe!





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Samurai Shoelace

*Nespresso is a registered trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé SA. Samurai Shoelace is an independent entity that is neither directly nor indirectly related to Société des Produits Nestlé SA.

**The remainder cannot be less than 5 capsules


If you look at the way coffee is processed (as the flesh of the coffee fruit is separated from the coffee beans, which are actually the coffee beans themselves), you will see the term carbonic maceration , which does not (yet) exist in Hungarian. But what does carbon dioxide maceration mean?

The idea of ​​CO2 fermentation came from the wine industry to the coffee world , for the first time in 2015. (That's when Sasa Sestic won the barista championship with the coffee processed in this way, tested together with the owner of the coffee farm).

Coffee can be processed by drying, washing, or a combination of these, the point is that as a result of a fermentation process, the pulp separates from the seed and can be easily removed. During this decomposition process, a lot happens to the coffee, which can have a strong effect on the taste of the prepared coffee drink. Carbonic maceration enters the picture before separation, the freshly picked coffee beans are sealed in an airtight container and then filled with CO2 gas at a low temperature. As a result of this, processes are started that could not be achieved in any other way, resulting in completely unique flavors in the coffee .

When the coffee has reached the desired level of processing, the rest of the pulp is removed using one of the traditional methods. Coffees processed in this way are characterized by a much more complex and richer taste.

Discover the sweet and fruity taste of Worka!


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Before you start making coffee, make sure that your machine is clean! (there are no capsules in it, you washed out the water, etc.)

Insert the capsule and use the short button to prepare a drink of 25-30 ml (approx. 20-25 grams). It is important that if you want a long coffee, do not use the long button, but make a short coffee, then drop the capsule, and by pressing the short button again, steep your finished coffee with hot water.

This is important because with the long button you overextract the coffee, which can lose its most valuable flavor notes!


Thanks to the processing, we got a very clean coffee with a different character and flavor from both washed and dry processed coffees. Only 35 kg came to us, you can buy it while the stock lasts (there will be another kind of Treat selection coffee after that, but there won't be any more!) It gives both specialty fans and those familiar with special coffees a very good experience!

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Are the capsules suitable for all capsule machines?

No, only in coffee machines compatible with the Nespresso* Original system.

What is a specialty coffee capsule?

There are also many types of coffee, from cheaper mass coffees to rare coffee specialties of the highest, special quality. Coffees are classified according to an officially accepted point system, coffees with more than 80 points belong to the specialty category.

I heard that the aluminum capsule is not environmentally friendly. So why did you use an aluminum capsule?

From this point of view, aluminum is like other raw materials: it can be environmentally friendly if it is really collected selectively. Then it is 100% recyclable. Aluminum can be remelted an unlimited number of times and coffee capsules can be produced from it again and again, so it is one of the least burdensome solutions from an environmental point of view. At the same time, the aluminum capsule is the only one that ensures a perfect seal, i.e. the coffee inside does not come into contact with oxygen, and can therefore be stored for a very long time without quality deterioration. If you want to protect the environment, collect used capsules selectively or use Capsule Defuser !

Don't you have instant coffee?

Of course there is, since we roast the green coffee and the capsules are made from freshly ground, roasted coffee beans. Perfect capsules require a completely different roasting profile than a "traditional" coffee machine, which is why we do not sell our coffees in the form of coffee beans, since what is good for a capsule is not necessarily good for a press machine, and vice versa.

What should I do with used capsules?

Do not throw it in the trash! Aluminum is a valuable, reusable raw material. Place the coffee grounds from the capsules under your plants (blooming plants will love them) or compost them. Use the Capsule Defuser and separate the capsules, or throw them in a selective waste container!

So YOU ​​belong to Nespresso*?

No, we are a completely independent, domestic small business. We are related to Nespresso* in that we use the system developed by them. Our coffee capsules can be prepared on any Nespresso* Original compatible machine

But I need a lot more capsules!

If you want to buy in large quantities (either for yourself or as a reseller), send us a message or call us!

What are the advantages of specialty coffee capsules?

Specialty coffee capsules are made from high-quality coffee beans that are carefully selected and roasted to provide the best flavors and aromas. In addition, these coffee capsules are often sourced from sustainable and ethical sources.

What roasting levels are there for specialty coffees?

Roasting levels can be light, medium or dark, each bringing out different flavors from the coffee.

Why is the place of origin of coffee important?

The place of origin of the coffee determines its taste. Coffee is a fruit, so the location of the growing area, soil, climate and cultivation methods all affect its taste.

How does water quality affect the taste of coffee?

Poor-quality or too hard water can suppress the coffee's flavors, while clean, high-quality water highlights them. It is worth using filtered water for making coffee!

What is the specialty coffee scoring system?

Specialty coffees are evaluated on a 100-point system, and only coffees above 80 points receive the specialty rating.