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Our coffee journey began in 2016, when we opened our first specialty cafe in Budapest. Struggling to survive during the closures, we started producing coffee capsules. This proved to be such a successful project that the Samurai Shoelace brand was born in October 2023. We work exclusively with the highest quality, specialty-grade Arabica coffees. We roast them and encapsulate them with our own production and packaging machine line. To lay the foundation for international expansion, we are now looking for investors who would become co-owners and support us in achieving our goals.

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We have been dealing with capsules since 2020. The last nearly 4 years have proven that the words "specialty" and "coffee capsule" can work together technologically, but technically it is difficult. The background industry is simply not designed for specialty sizes, for example the minimum order sizes mean huge quantities for us. The solution is that we have to "grow up" into this category, but this is only possible with a serious capital injection.

This is not public data that can be published on a website, but of course we give potential investors an insight into our business results. Tip: Samurai will be half a year old on April 8...

Either they have a lot of money and have built the technological background that we want now, or they are contract manufacturing somewhere. We tried the latter, but unfortunately it is not possible to achieve the quality that we expect from ourselves.

The quality of contract manufacturing will never be the same as ours. The capsules may be technologically more beautiful, but we profiled Worka for weeks before we found the perfect roast. We then produced 500 boxes of it, because we had that much coffee. This work will never be done by a contract producer, so it is impossible to bring out the maximum potential of the coffee in this way.

We have negotiated with major investors, but we do not want to hand over the majority of the company, nor to give up full control (as well as we do not want to produce cheap own-brand capsules for store chains "because that's where the big money is"). We want co-owners who, as coffee enthusiasts, share our vision of Samurai Shoelace's goals and future.

This is the topic of a personal conversation. But we want to do everything in a transparent and accountable manner, and in the form of machinery/inventory, our plant will soon have an amount greater than the investment. Of course, there is always risk (after all, this is a business), but we don't want to go bankrupt, because we want to make a living from it, that's what we've built our lives on.

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Of course, there is a business plan, planned for 6 years in advance, with numbers, sales, and return. This will be good, you see :-) (and in addition to the return, we think it's very cool to be the owner of a specialty coffee encapsulation plant!)

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