Dark Harmony

Place of origin:Costa Rica

Region: Tarazzu

Altitude: 1100-2000 m

Variety: Caturra, Cautai, Obata

Processing: washed, sun dried

Samurai recommendation: strong, intensely flavored coffee, perfect for milky drinks!

The box contains 10 caffeine-free Nespresso* compatible coffee capsules made from 100% Arabica, single origin ground coffee (from one farm) (250 HUF/piece).

The capsule is made of 100% reusable aluminum, please do not throw it in the trash, but hand it in at a collection point or in a selective waste container!

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2.500 Ft
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2.500 Ft

For club membersonly HUF 2,000!

*Nespresso is a registered trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé SA. Samurai Shoelace is an independent entity that is neither directly nor indirectly related to Société des Produits Nestlé SA.

Dark Harmony is the most intensively roasted member of our "Serious Coffee" series. It is characterized by a distinctly chocolatey, roasted-almond flavor, and is recommended primarily for milk drinks. (Of course, it will be a good choice for those who like intense, long-lasting flavor!). Its caffeine content is not higher than our other capsules, but due to its characteristically strong taste, it can be a real morning starter drink!

Many coffee experts claim that the best coffees come from Costa Rica. Of course, we don't argue with tastes, but the fact that we like this coffee a lot, we didn't choose it by chance... Tarazzu is one of the most famous coffee-growing regions, we have never been disappointed with the coffees from here, and this coffee has 84 points on the SCA certification. achieved it, i.e. there is also a paper saying that it is delicious! Few people know, but in Costa Rica, the law forbids the cultivation of non-Arabica varieties, so we almost don't have to write "single origin" (that is, the capsule only contains non-blended coffee from a growing area). In Costa Rica, 70% of the coffee plantations are in the mountains, where the altitude and tropical rains create special conditions for the perfect harvest. Among the Steamhouse capsule coffees, this is the darkest roast, which gives the strongest, most intense coffee experience. The coffee is characterized by chocolate-hazelnut, roasted almonds and pleasantly bitter notes, with a very long aftertaste (you will feel your morning coffee made from this throughout the morning!).


*Nespresso is a registered trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé SA. Steamhouse Cafe is an independent entity that is neither directly nor indirectly related to Société des Produits Nestlé SA.

Before you start making coffee, it is important that your coffeemachine is always clean! Before you put in the capsule, run a little water through the machine to wash away the dirt left in it (residues from the previous coffee, grounds, oil, dust, etc.) insert the capsule and make a short (25-30ml) presso! (If you like it longer, ignore the previous sentence and make it long!).

Costa Rican espresso: we recommend it both short and long. Its strong, intense flavor remains for a long time, for those who like strong, punchy (slightly darker) espressos, this is their choice!

latte:a lot of warm milk, possibly with milk foam, and one (or rather two) Costa Rican espresso poured over it. The taste of the coffee also comes through a lot of milk, but together they provide a very pleasant, harmonious, "real" latte experience!

Iced latte, or iced coffee:Real iced coffee is not made with ice cream, but with ice. Pour 1.5 dl of milk into a glass, add 2-3 large (or more if you have smaller) ice cubes, and add one (or two) Costa Rica capsules. It is important that the coffee flows over the ice, not over the milk, so it will be really perfect (and spectacularly beautiful in a glass)

ET:Espresso-tonic, the real summer hit. Put 2-3 large ice cubes in 2 dl of cold tonic and pour a Costa Rican espresso on the ice cube. It is important that the tonic is cold and that you put a lot of ice in it, because (let's be honest) this drink is only really delicious cold

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