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What water will make my coffee even better?

On average, 98% of the coffee in the cup is water , only the rest is the miracle dissolved in the coffee, which makes the coffee coffee. It can be seen from the ratios that, if not to improve, the 98% can make the remaining 2% worse.

No matter how good the coffee ingredients are, the drink will be bad with the wrong water!

What makes the water unsuitable?

What makes it suitable? The simplified answer to the question is the low mineral content . What we are looking for in a mineral water (a lot of dissolved minerals that are necessary for the functioning of our body, such as calcium, magnesium, carbonates, etc.) are exactly what spoil the coffee experience. The higher the mineral content of the water, the "stronger" and more characteristic the taste of the water, which affects the taste of the coffee, and in a saturated solution it is much less possible for anything to dissolve from the coffee.

Unfiltered tap water is the worst choice for coffee!

In addition to the above substances, tap water also contains many other substances that turn it into tap water (substances used for disinfection, substances released from the pipe network, etc.). In addition, hard water (with a high mineral content) promotes the formation of limescale, so not only can you not get the most out of your coffee, but the equipment also breaks down sooner and requires more maintenance.

Solution: purified (filtered) water!

The simplest solution, and most recommended by Steamhouse (for home use), is to get a water filter jug. All three big brands (BWT, Laica, Britta) offer such devices, which can be used to achieve a surprising change in the taste of coffee. (As well as in tea, soup, and everything that requires water). It is also not to be neglected that there is a filter cartridge that also removes lead contamination from the tap water, so it is recommended to use filtered water as spawning water (especially for those living in older buildings). In addition, this is the cheapest and easiest of all water filtration methods, the jug with the first filter cartridges can be purchased for the price of a few cartons of mineral water, and you will never need the plastic bottles again!

What is designer water?

As in coffee, water treatment can go to great depths (or heights), since an RO (reverse osmosis) device will produce completely different water than a filter jug, although the investment will also be different. The professional coffee competitors mix the water themselves, they simply add distilled water with bitter salt, calcium and magnesium to the desired extent (tested by tasting).

Better coffee, longer-lasting coffee machines!

In summary, why it is worth paying attention to the use of good water:

  • the coffee (and any drink/food made with water) will taste better
  • it filters out all inappropriate elements from the tap water
  • the tools will not scale, the glasses will not be spotted
  • never have to carry mineral water and struggle with plastic bottles again
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