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Coffee at 40 degrees?

Is it okay to drink coffee on hot days? What effect does coffee have on the body? Do you prefer cold coffee? Many people ask us these questions, here are our answers!

First, let's break down what we have to say into several parts:

1. Drink a lot of fluids!

In hot weather, the body needs a lot of fluids to maintain the ideal temperature through evaporation. The best solution for this (surprisingly) is drinking water. The ideal amount is different for everyone, but the basic rule is that if someone is already thirsty, it's too late, thirst is the body's "danger signal"... (So you have to drink constantly, in small portions, before you feel thirsty!)

2, The hot drink cools you!

The heat receptors in the mouth and throat "turn on the cooling" as a result of the hot drink (food), i.e. the body starts to sweat. The sweat evaporates from the skin surface, the evaporation takes away heat, the body starts to cool down, it doesn't feel so warm. If someone wears closed clothes or cannot afford to sweat a lot, he should of course avoid hot drinks, but if there are no such limiting factors, then hot coffee and tea really cools him down.

3. You can drink coffee even during a heat alarm!

Taking the above into account, there is no problem with drinking coffee even in the summer. It is a false belief that coffee dehydrates (the liquid in it is more than the person loses), but regardless of this, rehydration should never be just coffee!

In summary:

There is no reasonable reason why someone should not drink coffee during a heat wave. Of course, you shouldn't overdo it, but drinking the normal, usual daily dose of coffee is not forbidden, but rather recommended!

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