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Cold coffee recipes

Espresso on Ice : put one (or more) large ice cubes in a transparent glass (view is important!) (size does matter, in this case the bigger the better), then pour a presso on this ice cube. (It is important that when the coffee comes out of the machine, it flows onto the ice cube, not next to it!). The ice immediately "hits" the coffee, and the end result is not a cold, sour coffee, but a silky, special, cold drink. Recommended coffee capsules: Bean Candy, Liquid Wisdom

Iced latte : Real iced coffee is not made with ice cream, but with ice and cold milk. Pour 1.5 dl of milk into a glass, add 2-3 large (or if you have smaller ones, more) ice cubes and let one (or two) squeeze over it. It is important that the coffee flows over the ice, not the milk, so it will be really perfect (and spectacularly beautiful in a glass). Recommended coffee capsules: Liquid Wisdom, Dark Harmoni, Calm Thunder

ET : i.e. Espresso-tonic, the hit of the summer. Add 2-3 large ice cubes to 2 dl of cold tonic and drop a squeeze of soda onto the ice cube. It is important that the tonic is cold and that you put a lot of ice in it, because (let's be honest) this drink is only really delicious cold (well, really!). When pouring, the pressed juice should flow over the ice, not directly into the tonic, so it will be really nice. Recommended coffee capsules: Dark Harmony, Calm Thunder

Capsule ice cubes : this trick is used by few people, but it is still very tasty (and spectacular). Make a long coffee and pour it into an ice cube tray. When it's frozen, put an orange ring in a glass of soda, then throw in a coffee cube. Recommended coffee capsules: Calm Thunder, Bean Candy

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