Hello Judges #001: Santa Elena Geisha

Thank you for your enthusiastic interest, unfortunately this coffee is sold out. Since the supply is very limited (we only received a few kg from the given vintage), unfortunately we cannot promise if there will ever be more of it...

Place of origin:Panama

Region: Chiriqui Province, Boquete Valley

Altitude: 1200-1550 m

Type: Geisha

Processing: natural

Samurai recommendation: only for a short press (25-30 ml), to crown a difficult or even wonderful day!

The box contains 4 Nespresso* compatible coffee capsules made from 100% Arabica, single origin (from one farm) ground coffee (600 HUF/piece).

The capsule is made of 100% reusable aluminum, please do not throw it in the trash, but hand it in at a collection point or in a selective waste container!

Regular price
2.400 Ft
Regular price
Sale price
2.400 Ft

For syndicate membersonly HUF 1920!

*Nespresso is a registered trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé SA. Samurai Shoelace is an independent entity that is neither directly nor indirectly related to Société des Produits Nestlé SA.

The geisha (also known as gesha) variety is a variant of Arabica coffee. Originally from the Gesha region of southern Ethiopia, it was first described here in the 1930s. Similar to wine, the coffee plant and its fruit are influenced in many ways by the quality of the growing area, the geisha also showed its "true face" after Panamanian farmers started experimenting with it. Panamanian geisha coffees grown on high-altitude, volcanic soil and in the local climate quickly became famous, winning numerous national and world championships with these coffees. Since the availability of "real" Panamanian geishas is very limited, and because of their special taste they are popular not only among competitors, but also among coffee enthusiasts, there is relatively limited access to raw coffee.

If you want to taste the taste of one of the most perfect coffees, you can now do so with the push of a button!

We met Roberto from the Santa Elena estate in Panama (the son of one of the current owners, the grandson of one of the founding great-grandfathers) at the World of Coffee exhibition in Athens. We tasted two of their coffees, both of which impressed us immediately, so there was no question about the first two members of the Hello Judges series. We corresponded a lot with them, over time we developed a very good relationship. All of their coffees are special, so it is almost certain that we will work with them again!

The Santa Elena Estate is located on the emblematic slopes of the Piedra de Lino Mountains, in the Boquete Valley in the Chiriqui Province of Panama. This region is world famous for the coffees grown here, and especially for the geisha variety grown here. 20% of the region at an altitude of 1,200-1,550 meters above sea level is rainforest. The climate is characterized by a year-round temperature of 17-24ºC, which is perfect for Arabica coffee varieties.

The estate was founded more than 100 years ago by the ancestors of the current owners. From the very beginning, sustainability and maintaining a livable environment, dense vegetation and the biodiversity of wild animals have been a priority. Add to that the volcanic, mineral-rich soil, the wind blowing alternately from the two oceans, and the abundant rainfall, so you can really say that everything came together to grow the perfect coffee plant! In addition to coffee, other plants and vegetables are also grown on the farm, which, in addition to increasing biodiversity, also stabilizes incomes, i.e. there is no compulsion in the direction of "even more coffee", which would be at the expense of quality. The first two members of our Hello Judges series came from this estate.

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